Coaching Model: The Transformational Wheel

Are you asking yourself how to be “successful” in life, work, or are you wondering how to bring your life to the next level?  How do you define “success”? As we set out to define how to be successful, keep in mind that success is truly in the eye of the beholder.

How can you find the way?


  • Know what you want in life (your purpose of life).

  • Connect with who you are (looking for authenticity, living and working from inside out, accepting who you are, creating self-awareness)

  • Connect with your inner strengths (doing what you are good at, where your power lies)

How coaching can help you?

Let’s assume that you know what you want in life (…), how many times have you still not succeed? Any idea why you are sometimes not successful? You keep trying and it doesn’t work. You recognize this and become frustrated and you want change. 


This is the moment that coaching can serve you.  People often ask: “what is coaching?”. Coaching is about getting in-touch with your deepest thoughts and beliefs, being aware of what drives you in life, what is blocking you and identifying patterns.  Coaching helps you to know who you are, what your strengths are and what you desire. 


With my Transformational Coaching Model, you will create (self-) awareness, explore acceptance, development strengthens and soar.  As your coach I can help you in this process.

How I work

Coaching is not therapy, counseling or mentoring.  Coaching is focused on your strengths not weaknesses and the future not the past.  It is a commitment to forward thinking and forward actions.

transformation wheel-120919 SOAR Beverel

As your coach I can facilitate you to discover your three P’s:


  • Your Presence (your being)

  • Your Purpose (your destiny)

  • Your Power (your inner strengths)