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You don't have to be better than everybody else, you just have to be better than you ever thought you could be.

The ultimate goal of our courses is to increase self-regulation and to guide you in a desired direction, a direction that results in subjective well-being or, using a more common term, happiness.  This direction involves thought, beliefs and action.  The core ingredients of our courses are awareness, behavioral change and coping.  Awareness is the most important prerequisite for change because change is impossible if we are not aware of the fact something can or needs to change.  Once you are aware of the desired pathway to change, the next step is manifesting change. This is where behavioral change take place. 



Guilt clues us in when we’ve stepped outside the boundaries of our core values. It makes us take responsibility when we’ve done something wrong and helps us to develop a greater sense of self-awareness. The feeling of guilt forces us to examine how our behavior affects others and make changes so that we don’t make the same mistake again.



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Beverley guided and coached me through 30 days of overcoming emotional strongholds.  Healthy emotions are to the soul what the senses are to the body is what Beverley would remind  me of .  She would often say, "People are imprisoned by negative emotions, don't me a prisoner to your emotions. 


My sister has guided me through  the power of prayer, mediation, journaling and patiently waiting on God.  Be anxious for nothing is what she would always say. What is for  you is for you and the only person that can slow down my progress is me.  Eye opening.  Thank you coach Bev 


Caring, compassionate and non-judgmental.  I was able to open up about things that I  always kept close, not realizing that not being who I am held be back.  Free and  soring. 

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