Benefits of Coaching With SOAR

Unlike people trained as psychologists or counselors who are licensed, as your life coach, I am not a therapist. So why should you contact me as your life coach? Education does not equal wisdom, but experience often does in the minds of many. Would you rather work with someone who has traveled the same path and succeeded or someone who has little-to-no real-world experience? Regardless which you choose, you can reap the benefits of a life coaching relationship.

As a coach, I can help you to identify strengths, develop them, and identify personal and professional goals. My role is to assist you throughout the change process. As you will discover, this happens in several ways. As your coach, I pay particular attention to assisting my clients to identify their strengths. Clients learn to explore and develop them as a means to achieve their goals, and also to cultivate positive emotions.

Generating positive emotions leads to what Fredrickson (2013) calls, “an upward spiral.”

Most people do not like being told what to do or when to do it. As your coach I understand this which allows my clients to act autonomously. Autonomous motivation means the person controls the decision-making process. As your coach, I provide resources and support and nudges as needed, but you are in charge.

People who are autonomously motivated pursue actions that are of interest to them (Moore, et al., 2016). They view the actions as important. Behavior change happens when the client experiences greater autonomous motivation.

A Take Home Message

The point of life coaching is to assist you the client, to move from stagnation to growth. The coach does not establish the goals; you do. As your coach I help shine a light on strengths that can help you achieve your goals. Get ready to SOAR.