Your purpose -your personal GPS

Your life is your vehicle to design, drive and maintain. Unfortunately, many people end up backseat driving through life, or driving other people’s vehicles. Thereby, fulfilling other peoples dreams and not their own.

Your purpose is your personal GPS system that continuously guides you in the right direction and helps you successfully navigate changes in yourself, family, career, community, country and the world. Living your life on purpose challenges you to get into the driver’s seat of your life, so that you can direct it where you want it to go.

Principles= Your Dashboard

Imagine driving a car without a dashboard, you would never know how fast you were going, or how much fuel was left. You would never know how hot your engine is and the car could overheat causing major mechanical damage that could have easily been avoided. These indicators help you gauge your journey’s success. Car manufacturers strategically placed these metrics on the dashboard because they believed that these were important metrics for any driver to be aware of at all times. In the same way, your principles co-create the dashboard that allows you to measure your personal formula for success.

Passion=Your Keys

Your passions are the keys that get your vehicle started. On the journey of life, passions are the activities that ignite you and get you fired up when you do them, hear about them, see them or talk about them. Only you hold the key to your passions. The ultimate goal is to find the right set of keys that set your vehicle into motion. Like your keys, the best way to recover your passions is to retrace your steps by asking, “Where was I when I last had them?” This process usually requires going back to your childhood. Much like the way you recover your keys, you can recover your passion for life with a few simple steps.

The only way to make a passion into a valuable skill is to use it so often that people around you begin to recognize you and rely on you for it. People who are the best at something in their company or community typically create and capture the most value in terms of money and long-term opportunities.

Problems= Your Fuel

Problems are the fuel that powers your journey, they are the substance that your creative mind consumes to stay alive. Since the beginning of life, problems have always existed in the world. Imagine the problems that Adam and Eve had to address after being cast out of the Garden of Eden. 

Problems are fuel when we use them as motivation, but they are roadblocks when we allow them to stop us.

Sometimes when things happen in our lives, we ask, “Why did this happen to me?” This question comes from the victim mentality—as if we’re the only one in the world to whom tough things happen. An alternative question to ask is, “Why did this happen for me?” This way of asking the question assumes that everything that happens to us happens for us and creates a unique experience of life that positions us to serve and solve problems for others. The purpose of your journey thus far, may be to help those behind you avoid taking the route you chose or experienced. The events in our lives that we think we need to hide because they hurt can be sources of fuel on our journey if we learn how to turn negative e-motion (emotional energy) into positive motion.

Fuel is simply stored energy ready to set something in motion as it is transformed and burned off.

In other words, our problems have stored potential in them for new ideas, innovations and creative energy. However, in order to find the right solutions to the problems you have to ask the right questions first. 

People= Your Motor

People are the driving force behind our lives and work in the same way that a motor moves a vehicle. Seeing and being part of the positive movement in other people’s lives is what motivates us. The vehicles of our lives should help people get to where they want to go faster, safer, and easier. Together, we make up a mass transportation system that moves the world forward. Traffic in one area of humanity affects all humanity, but it can be mitigated if we coordinate and carpool through life and help each other. Unfortunately, most people drive through life alone. Most cars have four seats, yet they only transport one person a majority of the time. Imagine if everyone just committed their entire life to helping another succeed.

One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is the opportunity to help.

When people are given the opportunity to serve, they feel valuable. Therefore, one of the greatest gifts someone can give you is the opportunity to serve them with your greatest gifts.

Each of us should have stories to tell of people’s lives we’ve change in the same way that we can tell stories of people who have changed our lives. Ask yourself: “Who do I want to create value for?” “Who is in my carpool?” “How many seats do I have?” “Where can I take people?” Identifying who values your gifts and allows you to use them freely will result in an infinite amount of motivation so that your economic and physical engines never burn out.

Positioning= Your Lane

Positioning is the lane in life where your personal velocity is the highest and where you’re willing to be a pioneer and lead. In physics, velocity is defined as distance over time (i.e. car speed is measured in miles per hour). Your velocities vary based on the different types of roads you choose to take, so the quest is to find the road where your personal velocity can be at its highest. A Hummer won’t beat a Ferrari on an open road, but it will beat a Ferrari on a safari. Like these specialty vehicles, you are specifically built for a particular path that matches your build in character and skills and you must find or create the route that is best for you.

Pioneers= Your Direction

On the journey of life, we all drive under the influence, however, in this case I don’t mean alcohol. Our pioneers have influenced us all. Pioneers are the cars ahead of you that have set the tempo and paved the way for you thus far, but will either one day off-ramp or be overtaken by you as you progress on your journey. Pioneers are people who are the first to travel into uncharted territory.

We all have the potential to be pioneers if we remain independent thinkers. Independent thoughts are the seeds of creation.

When you are charting new territory, there is no map. Pioneers may discover new terrain within a preexisting lane or they may create an entirely new lane of thought altogether based on their picture of the world. While most people just see a map on a table, pioneers consider the entire room, the map, and the table. In that room is plenty of room for error since pioneers try things that have never been done before. Pioneers go where no one else has gone and have visions to go even further.

Picture= Your Road Map

Your picture is a road map of the landscape of life based on what you know is possible and your imagination is what you believe is possible. However, what one knows and what one believes can be strikingly different for two people based on their exposure and experiences. What you know comes from your personal experiences and your awareness of others’ experiences. As your awareness expands, your road map and mental map expand proportionally.

When we drive, we tend use one of three types of vision: tunnel, rear-view, and peripheral vision. Tunnel vision locks us into point of view—all we can see is what’s ahead of us. Rear-view vision keep us stuck in the past. There is a reason the windshield is 10 times bigger than the rear view mirror—we’re supposed to remain in the present. Peripheral vision opens our awareness to all of the possibilities around us so that we can make informed decisions about how we want to get where we’re going.

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