Manifest Abundance in Your Life

You are reading this because you desire a process to make your life better. The one reason people usually desire to manifest prosperity is because it will give them a little something called FREEDOM.

Here are a few tips you can do right now that will begin to shift the results you see in your life and transform what is holding you back …

Thank God & believe beyond what you can see

This is not name it grab it claim it practice that we see in some teaching. What I am saying is to hold onto every promise God has made to you in his word as it is already done. You may ask, “If it’s already done, why haven’t I seen the manifestation of my promise yet?” We at time complain to God on why we don’t see anything manifesting, many times we’re the hindrance to our own deliverance and blessings. A persons doubt and unbelief can cause God’s promise for them to be hindered and/or delayed. Why? Because there is unbelief. God doesn’t operate with a person’s unbelief but rather their belief in His ability to do specifically what He said He would do. I want to let you know that just because you can’t see physically what’s happening in the spiritual realm doesn’t mean nothing is happening. This is where our continuous faith in the Lord takes place and is tested.

''Faith is the substance of things hope for in the evidence of things NOT SEEN. ''

This scripture tells us that faith requires you to believe in what you do not see. This scripture also, in my opinion, lets us know that we can’t go based upon what our eyes do or do not see; though we may not see what’s happening physically right away, spiritually (by faith) it’s already done and it’s just awaiting for its appointed time by the Lord to happen physically.

"You become a hindrance to yourself when you start to doubt and second guess what God has told you."

Failure often comes before success

Always remember this very powerful quote from Florence Scovel Shinn and that is…

“Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.”

De-clutter your environment

One of the fastest ways to start manifesting abundance into your life is to de-clutter your surroundings. This means getting rid of everything in your life that no-longer serves you. Donate old clothes to charity, sort out your closest, cupboards and drawers. This is the big one, get rid of people who do not serve you well. Are the people in your life adding value or are they draining you of your peace and happiness?

"De-cluttering people and things will clear the old and create space for the new to manifest into your life."

Get specific on your desire and how it will manifest

When you write down your intentions or goals, be as specific as possible. Dive into the details of the things, people, places and experiences you are wanting to manifest. (Read my blog on goals)

Rise above limiting beliefs

Take some time to focus on healing the things in your life that you can identify as road blocks in your flow of abundance. Holding grudges, not forgiving, anger, envy, jealousy, truth be told you know what is holding you back, it's a matter of admitting to it. These road blocks as I call them, are usually hindering your progress.

Respect & celebrate prosperity

When I see a coin on the ground I pick it up with gratitude. Thank God for your prosperity. Next time you get a paycheck take the time to thank God and ask for wisdom before shopping or paying bills.

Identify & get creative with the way you create abundance

You can’t sit on top of a mountain meditating and expect prosperity to fall into your lap. You must take inspired action. What are ways that you could joyously generate extra income? Could you make art and sell it on on-line? Could you turn a hobby into another revenue stream? Always have more than one stream of income.

Surround yourself with inspiration

Create space and time in your life to surround yourself with inspiration and people that inspire you. Be an active participant in creating your abundant life. Read books on success, inspiration can come in many forms. There are countless amounts of books in the library and millions of uplifting videos of YouTube. And the best part is that inspiration is quite often FREE and surrounding you everywhere you look. If you are the smartest person in your group, get another group. The people in your circle should be there to motivate and inspire your to higher levels. Chickens hang out with chickens but eagles SOAR and can see their target from a distance.

Create a vision board

Vision boards gained huge popularity after being mentioned in the hit movie ‘The Secret’ back in 2006. Over the years I have had tremendous success using this very powerful technique to bring my desires to life. It’s really fun and can be really effective. I recommend you do this at least twice per year. Me part of the process by flipping through magazines and cutting out images that spark inspiration in my heart. Turn on some happy music, pour yourself a glass of wine and really allow myself creative space to dream big.

Keep track of what you spend & what you’d like to spend

Try this fun exercise of keeping two lists. One is for things that you have to spend money on and the other list is your “abundance list”. These are the things that you’re going to “mentally” purchase each day with consciousness as your cash. As you do this, your prosperity mindset will expand.

Cultivate deep appreciation for everything

Gratitude is a transformative power. When you look for things to appreciate (such as what you already have) Make it your daily practice, it will literally change everything.

Feel worthy

The underlying cause of self-sabotage in a person’s life is undoubtedly not feeling worthy enough. We tend to create unnecessary drama or obstacles that prevent us from blossoming into our full potential. We might set New Year’s resolutions that fizzle out soon after they’ve been set and then hope to start the diet again on Monday or save money starting next month etc. All it takes to rise above this epidemic of lack of worthiness is to choose a better path in each moment you are presented with. Choose to love yourself a little deeper, choose to nurture your heart and watch the magic happen and unfold.

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