What Does It Mean to Level Up

Have you ever had that feeling of unrest? Is there a part of you that is ready to GROW and it’s pushing you forward with a sense of discomfort? Even though you are doing perfectly fine where you are, there is still that feeling of there is MORE.

Over the past nine months I’ve lost 50 pounds, no longer diabetic, broken my lifelong sugar addiction and made a commitment to my business. I’m doing just fine, but you know what... there is MORE and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I am committed to expanding into more love, acceptance, calm, confidence, receptivity, prosperity, joy and abundance. I am also more committed to getting over myself and sharing my gifts, talents and calling with the world.

If you are feeling that sense of discomfort because you want more, then I encourage you to start creating the next steps on your personal ladder of growth and see where God is asking you to go. It's time to start waking up feeling challenged and inspired! When I see pictures of women like Michelle Obama, Oprah, Toni Morrison and other successful women, I know those women are doing it. Yes, we do not know the intimate stories of their lives, but I am inspired by the lives they are living out loud to get up, push forward and be inspired all over again.

Think of who inspires you, get clear on what you want, create your plan to take things to the next level.

Consider these steps to level up:

1. Create a vision board - Vision Board 2.0 Why a vision board? Now before you roll your eyes, hear me out on this. Vision boards work and the reason why is very simple. A vision board is a place that displays what you want in life. (Your desires) When you hang it in a space where you see it daily, your vision board brings your goals and aspirations to life when activated alongside with prayer. Yes prayer, therefore, your vision board will not be like the traditional vision board. I call this Vision Board 2.0.

You may be asking what’s the difference between Vision Board 2.0 verses the traditional Vision Board? While both types of boards operate on the premise of asking, believing, and receiving, Vision Board 2.0 is based on biblical principle. Additionally, Vision Board 2.0 incorporates biblical principles, such as Habakkuk 2:2 and Proverbs 3:6. Habakkuk 2:2 in the Amplified translation tells us to:

"...... write the vision
And engrave it plainly on [clay] tablets
So that the one who reads it will run."

Your vision is a witness pointing to what’s coming, while Proverbs 3:6 shares the importance of putting God first in all that we do.

  • ASKING: Assemble your Vision Board 2.0 with the intention to receive the desires of your heart. Select specific pictures that are clear to what you desire. Write affirmations that reflect your vision, that positively inspire and empower you.

  • BELIEVING: Visualize what it is you desire. See yourself doing or being what your intention is.

  • RECEIVING: Take Action. Activate your faith. When opportunities comes RUN with it.

  • THANKSGIVING: Develop a Heart of Gratitude. A heart of gratitude is full of praise and thanksgiving—and holds amazing power. A heart of gratitude unleashes the power of abundance in your life.

  • REVISING: As you receive the desires of your heart, change your pictures and affirmations.

Your Vision Board 2.0 is an important tool for the visioning process. When activated with prayer, your vision board will propel your dreams forward.

2. Try something new

I either walk or hit the gym at least three times a week, but I know that it’s time to start challenging my body and mind by doing other things, so I have incorporated Pilates, yoga, hiking and spinning. Learning a new skills can be great for your mental health. Researchers tell us that one of the best things we can do to protect ourselves from certain types of dementia is flexing our mental muscles. Start using your brain in new ways and continually challenge yourselves to learn new things.

3. De-clutter and create order (including friends) Make more space in your life for the new to show up that means getting rid of the old. Old clothes, papers, people and basically anything that does not serve you. Things that you have not worn or used in years, donate to charity. De-clutter friends and dare I say some family members from your life that rob you of your peace. Love and value yourself.

De-cluttering will be incredibly liberating to get rid of that which is stagnant, tired, and old.

Get clear about your money and set up a system to save more, spend less. Give to worthy causes, not only financially but your time.

4. Honor your schedules and commitments, and stick to them both. Time management is a total requirement for peace of mind and success. If you struggle with this, or if you are that person that says, "I love the spontaneity of being able to set my own schedule ...." but is always late to appointments and do not honor time, then you are setting yourself up for failure. In order to level up, you have to start setting and sticking to a schedule.

5. Get support I often tell my spouse that I wish I have a coach or mentor when I was younger. I truly believe that having the right support can make anything happen. Get yourself a coach or mentor that will invest time in you and is committed, with you doing the work to get you to level up. You maybe asking yourself “How can I come up with the money to hire someone to coach me” Let me remind you that money invested in your growth, in your success, in getting to the next level in your journey, is money well spent. Investing $375.00 into a purse will get you superficial gratification, but that same investment in your personal growth will give you a much greater return on your investment.

Up-leveling is simply about doing your personal best, not comparing yourself to anyone else EVER and staying as close to a state of appreciation as possible.

What is your up-leveling plan and what would you add to this list?

Do you want to grow, uplevel or get more support in your life or your business? Let me know in the comments.

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